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I have been shown an amazing online resource that might be useful for live lessons.
The website allows you to create a new class for free and shares a link to give to your class (can just share this on the chat function in zoom). Students simply click on the link, enter their name and click join class. As a teacher you can then see all student whiteboards. You can write content on your whiteboard and copy it to theirs (so that they have an example to look at) and then give them a question to attempt. As a teacher you can watch them all write on their whiteboards live but students can only ever see your whiteboard and their own. they can draw on it using their mouse or there is an option to type onto it if they find this difficult.
I hope I have explained that clearly enough, I am happy to organise a quick zoom at some point if anyone would like me to go through it and demonstrate how it looks from both a teacher and student point of view, just let me know. 
One last thing to mention, there is an option to register – don’t choose this. You can simply click new class and use the free version.



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I have been leading teaching and learning at Wellacre Academy since 2012.

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