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Supporting specific students during remote learning

As Wellacre is currently a school with mixed ability classes, I always endeavour to continue my professional development as a teacher through differentiating tasks for students appropriately. I’ve been doing some of my own extra research and CPD around this and have focused on how to manage teaching and learning in an age of remote learning. I feel like this is relevant to what we have discussed regarding Rosenshine’s Principles prior to lockdown.

I thought to share this as I feel some people might benefit from this. Both have a major focus on how teachers can provide differentiation whilst teaching remotely.

The first link is provided by Seneca and outlines various things to do with using differentiation using a variety of techniques. They outline four main ways to differentiate when teaching remotely – Assessment, Content, Process and Products.

The second link has a specific way of differentiating learning through Google Sites – creating linear support pages which can help students to access work that is for their learning ability.

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I have been leading teaching and learning at Wellacre Academy since 2012.

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